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Oregon state sealWildfires can result in extensive damage to properties and severely impact lives. In states like Oregon, many of these incidents are linked to human negligence. This could be an individual allowing a campfire to spread uncontrollably or due to an electric company’s oversight.

If you and your loved ones have faced losses from a fire incident because of someone’s negligence, it’s crucial to seek guidance from the best Oregon wildfire lawyer. We focus in helping victims throughout the state of Oregon, and in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford and neighboring communities to file insurance claims and lawsuits when necessary against those responsible. Reach out for a complimentary consultation to explore your options.

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The list of Oregon wildfires is long, but a large majority of those fires did not begin until roughly 2000. Before that year, there were less than 10 wildfires listed for Oregon in the previous century; however, beginning in 2000, there was a wildfire a year until about 2011, then beginning in 2012 the number skyrocketed. In 2012 there were five major wildfires, in 2017 there were eight, in 2018 there were ten. The size, vicious nature and overall damage caused by these fires has also grown.

List of Oregon Wildfires


  • Yacolt Burn


  • Tillamook Burn 1933, 1939, 1945
  •  Bandon Fire (1936)


  • Simnasho
  • Ashwood-Donnybrook fire


  • Jackson Fire


  •  Lakeview Complex


  • Biscuit Fire
  • Toolbox Complex fires


  • B&B Complex fires


  •  South End Complex


  • Egley Complex


  • Tumblebug Complex Fire


  • High Cascades Complex


  • Barry Point Fire
  • Lava Fire
  • Long Draw Fire
  • Holloway Fire
  •  Miller Homestead


  • Buzzard Complex


  • Chetco Bar Fire
  • Cinder Butte Fire
  • Eagle Creek Fire
  •  High Cascades Complex fires
  • Jones Fire
  • Milli Fire
  • Nash Fire
  •  Whitewater Fire


  • Boxcar Fire
  • Graham Fire
  • Jack Knife Fire
  • Klamathon Fire
  • Klondike Fire
  • Long Hollow Fire
  • Miles Fire
  • South Valley Fire
  • Substation Fire
  • Whitewater Fire


  • Holiday Farm Fire
  • Santiam Fire
  • Slater and Devil fires


  • Bootleg Fire
  • Jack Fire
  • Joseph Canyon Fire


  • Cedar Creek Fire

What Causes Oregon Wildfires?

While natural causes like lightning can instigate wildfires, an overwhelming majority are due to human actions. Reports suggest that between 85% to 90% of wildfires arise from negligence. For a fire to escalate into a devastating event, three elements are essential:

Heat: Factors like campfires, electric lines, or wandering embers can spark a wildfire. Not taking adequate precautions can rapidly cause a disaster.

Fuel: Dry conditions caused by lack of rainfall and soaring temperatures dry out vegetation and branches, turning them into perfect fire fodder.

Oxygen: Potent winds can funnel oxygen into small fires, leading to larger conflagrations. Embers can also be carried for miles, causing the fire to propagate rapidly.

Essential land areas reserved for grazing, agriculture, or recreation can be engulfed in just days. Moreover, residences and farms can be decimated, and lives can be lost when a wildfire ignites uncontrollably.

In such distressing times, what’s needed is an empathetic yet proficient Oregon wildfire lawyer to guide you on the next steps.

Injuries & Damages from Wildfires

Besides annihilating lands and structures, wildfires can disrupt communication, supply chains, and utilities. Power and water outages are common, leaving people isolated and ill-prepared. The air quality deteriorates, triggering respiratory issues even miles away from the fire’s origin.

When a fire’s cause can be pinpointed to a specific entity or individual, it might be possible to lodge an insurance claim or initiate legal proceedings against them for the damages incurred. Your claim will enumerate damages such as:

  • Property Damage
  • Lost Income and Business Earnings
  • Physical Injuries
  • Pain and Suffering

Disaster Unemployment Assistance Explained

Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) is a scheme from FEMA providing benefits for individuals impacted by major disasters as decreed by the President.

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We have amassed invaluable experience in handling personal injury cases for clients like you. Our team possesses comprehensive knowledge of laws and past instances governing wildfire incidents, and we stand as seasoned litigators. We never shy away from challenging influential corporations accountable for the hardships of others.

Our team provides top-tier legal services to those grappling with the aftermath of a wildfire.

With decades of combined legal expertise, we have established ourselves as elite wildfire litigation attorneys.

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