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Colorado state flagWildfires can strip away not just homes, but cherished possessions and memories that turned those homes into havens. These devastating events can displace individuals for hours, days, or even weeks. Take, for instance, the Marshall fire, an inferno that consumed over 1,000 homes and compelled tens of thousands to evacuate, sweeping through Louisville, Superior, and unincorporated Boulder County at an unimaginable pace.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a Colorado wildfire, you may have a legitimate claim to financial compensation. Sadly, many wildfires are avoidable. Whether it’s the result of recklessness from a negligent utility company or an individual, you deserve answers, justice, and reparation for the ordeal you’ve endured. Our esteemed trial law firm stands ready to be your advocate.

We have a track record of securing extraordinary settlements and verdicts for our clients. We have provided steadfast representation to countless individuals who have been harmed or wronged, winning millions in compensation to help them rebuild their lives. When you choose us, you’re enlisting the services of attorneys who are diligent, empathetic, and dedicated to your success. Rely on over 175 years of combined legal experience to support you!

Pursuing a Wildfire Lawsuit: Identifying the Responsible Party

Those affected by wildfires retain the right to initiate a civil lawsuit against the party accountable for the fire’s outbreak.

As mentioned, a gas and electric company could be held liable, especially if a fire is traced back to a downed power line or inadequately maintained power equipment. Likewise, an individual or group of individuals may bear responsibility if they intentionally or accidentally ignited the fire.

An official inquiry into the fire’s origin will pinpoint the party at fault, affording victims the opportunity to hold them responsible.

What If the Wildfire’s Cause Remains Unknown?

It is feasible to take legal action even before the precise cause of the wildfire is determined. Our Colorado wildfire lawyers conduct their own investigations concurrently with government agencies and officials. This allows us to establish liability based on concrete evidence, enabling us to bring allegations against the negligent party.

For instance, we initiated an investigation into the cause of the Marshall fire, which ignited on December 30, 2021, long before official investigations concluded. Often, the findings of official investigations significantly bolster any legal actions already undertaken.

However, the initial step is to connect with a Colorado wildfire attorney online. We will delineate your rights and explore avenues to secure the financial support you require.

Fire Damage Claims: Challenging Insurance Companies’ Unfair Practices

Insured wildfire victims may file a fire damage claim with their insurance providers. These claims can prove particularly challenging to have approved, given that all documentation and evidence are often destroyed in the fire. Many insurance companies seize the opportunity to act in bad faith in the face of the victim’s misfortune. In such cases, legal counsel can be indispensable when pursuing compensation through this avenue.

Common tactics employed by insurance companies acting in bad faith include:

  •         Delays in responding to or processing your claim.
  •         Inadequate and unfair investigations of your claim.
  •         Offering an unreasonably low settlement or denying payment for uncontested portions of your claim.
  •         Creating obstacles for you in complying with requests related to your claim’s processing.
  •         Imposing unnecessary paperwork to waste your time.
  •         Attempting to negotiate with you to relinquish rights or overlook sections of your policy.
  •         Delaying payment for an approved claim.

Our team will not permit an insurance company to exploit your unfortunate circumstances. We are prepared to hold them accountable through a bad faith insurance claim. As a top-tier trial law firm, we are fully prepared to sue your insurance company on your behalf to recover the compensation rightfully owed to you.

What Compensation Can You Pursue in a Wildfire Lawsuit?

Wildfire victims may be eligible for compensation covering various damages, including but not limited to:

  1. Property damage: This encompasses losses from smoke and fire damage, agricultural losses, the loss of pets or livestock, damage to personal belongings, family homes, businesses, and more.
  2. Personal injury damages: In cases where wildfires cause injuries such as smoke- or fire-related injuries, you may seek compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, health complications, rehabilitative treatment, and more.
  3. Wrongful death damages: If a wildfire results in the loss of a loved one, you may have the right to seek compensation for their damages (from the time of injury to death) and the damages you suffered due to your loss. This may encompass funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and the loss of companionship, love, care, consortium, among other factors.

Our listed attorneys dedicated to maximizing your Colorado wildfire claim. We deeply care about our community and are committed to our work.

Our Colorado Wildfire Attorneys Stand by Your Side

Wildfires are heart-wrenching, and Colorado’s changing climate has made them more frequent. Whether you’ve been impacted by the historic Marshall fire or a smaller wildfire we will tirelessly advocate for you and your family. We recognize that nothing can truly compensate for the losses endured by so many in these disasters. However, taking legal action can be the initial step toward a safer future and a fresh start—a new beginning for you and your loved ones.

Marshall Fire Legal Team

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Your Potential Marshall Fire Claims

Our dedicated legal team specializing in the Marshall Fire has been at the forefront of some of the largest wildfire litigations. We have represented over 5,000 individuals and business owners who suffered the loss of their homes and property due to wildfires ignited by the negligence of a third party.

Marshall Fire Investigation Update: Announced on 6/8/2023 by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office – The Marshall Fire Originated from a Residential Burn and an Xcel Power Line.

The investigation into the fire’s cause has determined that it began at two distinct locations—5325 Eldorado Springs Drive and near the Marshall Mesa Trailhead.

The second fire was linked to Xcel Energy power lines, though no criminal charges have been filed. In response to the devastation wrought by this fire, Colorado Governor Jared Polis enacted several bills aimed at aiding fire recovery and prevention. Additionally, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) approved $4.3 million in funding, covering 90 percent of the recovery costs.

The Marshall Fire resulted in the destruction of over 1,000 homes, consumed 6,080 acres, and forced 35,000 people to evacuate their residences. Tragically, two individuals lost their lives, and countless animals perished as well. The Marshall Fire inflicted $2 billion in damages.

If a third party is found responsible for igniting the fire, you may be entitled to damages that your insurance, even comprehensive coverage, may not cover. In addition to underinsured homes, most insurance policies do not encompass natural vegetation outside of landscaping or compensation for the emotional distress inflicted by the Marshall Fire.

Review Your Claim with our Seasoned Marshall Fire Attorneys

We welcome you to consult with one of our experienced Marshall Fire Attorneys to explore your potential claims and legal rights.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a wildfire, we will pursue damages on your behalf for the losses you have suffered, with no upfront expenses from you, and no fees unless you achieve a successful outcome.

Marshall Fire Claims

Marshall Fire victims encompass homeowners, renters, business proprietors, and other individuals and entities whose property and lives were grievously affected by the Marshall Fire, both materially and emotionally.

While each case is unique, common categories of damage include:

  • Lost wages
  • Crop loss
  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Business losses
  • Evacuation expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Harm to pets or livestock
  • Land devaluation
  • Damage to trees, timber, or undergrowth
  • Loss of property use and enjoyment
  • Home and personal property repair or replacement costs

The legal framework allows for more extensive compensation than many people may realize. Contact our listed law firms to help pursue the maximum available compensation.